BNU Press Office

Financial System in the Federal States

The financial system is one of the most important issues in the federal systems because of its great impact in regulating the economic power of federal governments. In this series of seminars we will highlight the experience of the Iraqi FG and the KRG and the rules governing these Relationship.


“Internet of Things (IoT) with Arduino

Bayan University (BNU) is holding a workshop to share with you the framework and concept of the upcoming revolution on Interconnected devices via the Internet. BNU discuss a series of concepts and applied samples that can engage the audience in futuristic views on communication.


66 Anniversary of 18 Shobat was remembered

Students at BNU celebrated the 66 anniversary of the establishing the Kurdistan Student Union, by speak, music, play, theater and greeting. Many guest were invited to the event. The student arranged the whole event and organized the activities. BNU praise the students input in Educational and Cultural activities.